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Accredo Job Costing

SKU: C123

Allow for Job Creation, Staging and Management all in one software.

As Accredo already holds database of jobs/projects it makes sense to also use the system for helping to manage jobs.

In the example below only the accounting team use Accredo as standard. The production team do all their processing through the (custom) production manager.  The manager works like a job list, and has tabs along the top for each logical stage in a job. As a job moves through the ordering, approving, production and dispatch stages it moves automatically to the next tab.

With a Job stage manager the production team can see how many jobs are at each stage at any time, see where the overdue jobs are, automatically order products to the job, and many other time saving processes. Rather than have to navigate to different areas of the system for tasks, they have a one stop shop.

See the great examples right of how this works.

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