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Smart Data Capture

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  • Easily Scan Files Directly into Accredo

  • Reduce Manual-Entry

  • Highly Compatible with Acredo Modules

What is it?

A document such as an invoice is "scraped" and automatically "keyed" into Accredo,  with a link of a PFD etc. attached.  The document can be reviewed/edited and then saved.


A document is received via an email,  scan,  drag n drop and processed.

I've seen other systems, what's different?

Its actually "inside" Accredo,  rather than being an external system.  So you benefit from:

  • quicker to learn as Accredo.

  • quicker to set up 1-2 hours, not months.

  • cheaper - base version  free*.

  • allows areas usually difficult for external system. For example, shipments with products, matching purchase orders,  incorporating custom fields or unique business rules within Accredo.

  • AP invoices,  AP shipments, CB transactions, PO matching and others​

* Requires table and form designer.  Free version just AP invoices.  First 50 doc's per month free.  Various tiers of pricing beyond that.

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