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Power BI Examples

power bi white.png

Below are some examples of pages we have created for customers, which can range from simple displays to created measures for calculations and comparisons.


An example of a summary of sales using hard coded staff members (this is not dynamic). The client wanted to view the statistics of a select few staff, and it being dynamic was not important, so we were able to create these more personalised views around specifically only four members.


Simple display of some bar graphs showing top selling items or top buying customers.


A detailed table display of profit and loss and variations based on different accounts. This also displays the ability to show data from the previous year of what the user had selected for comparisons.

The above shows another customised set of tables, except data is pulled in from a variety of excel sheets dated for different months and years. A calculation for 'scoring' was also created in order to create rankings for different groups based on the data.

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