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  • Adding a carriage return suffix - In your scanners manual there should be a barcode you can scan that will add this to the scanners programming, You may have to enter programming mode to do this (The Scanners model is commonly on the underside of the scanner, you can usually google this model and find the manual online). Each scanner is different and may have a slightly different method on how to achieve this . All a carriage return is essentially doing is adding the return/enter key after scanning a barcode.

  • Testing - Once this is done, scan a barcode into Word or Notepad. The barcode should be on the first line and the cursor should end up on the second line. See the image/gif below. 


Sales Order Entry Accredo Example

  • Getting a barcode from a product

    1. Maintain → Inventory Control → Products

    2. Select the product you want

    3. Grab the barcode or create a new one to use

  • Using a barcode from a product in a sales order

  1. Maintain → Order Entry → Sales Order List

  2. Enter or create a new sales order

  3. scan the products barcode into the product field


As you can see barcodes work in standard accredo and when scanning a product the data from that product will be pulled through and shown.

You can also change the prefix of the scanner so as to add functionality to the beginning of the scan. Most Scanners have reset barcodes in the manual so feel free to try different prefixes and suffixes and see what suits your workflow best.

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