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Chat support

Online chat support within Accredo

Click here to see how to use

What does it cost?

It is FREE for Zeal clients on a monthly support subscription. There is a fair use policy at Accredo's discretion and we will advise you if we think this may apply.

What doesn't it cover?

We intend this cover for quick basic support questions.

Where is becomes advanced we would advise you.  

It wouldn't cover things like:

  • Projects,  custom work like a bar-code system

  • Accounting support like chart restructure, tax related, reconciling ledgers.

  • Advanced support requiring senior staff

  • Process design like a job costing or manufacturing process

What to expect

We have NZ and Aust staff rostered on and will attempt to quickly respond.  

The intention is these staff have access to a growing Wiki of common issues as well as the Zeal standard training notes to assist plus on average 6-8 years of experienced staff nearby if not experienced themselves.

Please give us feedback.

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