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Accredo Sales Ordering & Telesales Solutions

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Save time and money with a quick, efficient, accurate and reliable ordering system which works seamlessly in your Accounting Software.

Track the order history of each customer so that when they call and you look them up, you know what their favourite products are, can quickly add it to their order list, save, process and finalise an order. It will then automatically create an invoice for the customer, to make sure nothing can go wrong.


Here's how it works:

1. When a Customer calls, click the Telesales Icon in your Accredo Software

2. As the Customer starts going through their order, type a keyword or code of that item in the Description or code area.


3. As you type, the options that match that keyword will appear at the top of the list and show you the last six weeks or months (depending on how it’s configured) of orders that customer has made on each of those products.

4. Put the Quantity the customer wants into the Quantity Column and press F5 to add it to the customer’s order list on the right.

5. When you are finished you can save the order for someone else in your distribution to pick up on later, or save and print, and hand off a physical piece of paper to distribution.

Code - (F11)

Description - (F12)



Item Sales History


A great feature that allows you to quickly know what item the customer is talking about – particularly useful if they ask for more chips, and you sell 20 types of chips. This way you can see the ONE type of chips they are always ordering


Save & Print

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