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Accredo Version 6 is now available.

Contact us to arrange the upgrade.

V6 Seminars in June and July to come.. register your interest at the bottom of the newsletter!

Accredo Version 6

Accredo has sent out an email notification saying Version 6 is now available, please let us know via if you have not received it, or if you want any further information. Some V6 features are:

Accredo Tabs

You can change your screen view between windows and tabs

Accredo Tabs.gif

Print Log

A print log is now available in Accredo V6. You can see who printed it and when it was printed.

Print Log.gif

Report Drilldown

You can now drill through to transactions, onto the customer, or creditor, directly from reports.

Serial, Lot, and Bin Tracking

Serial, Lot, and Bin Tracking is now available in Accredo in Version 6. If interested in inventory tracking you will want to look at this feature.

New Mobile Sales and Inventory apps

The Sales and Inventory apps have been updated for Version 6.

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